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50 Eyecatchers For The 2023/2024 National Hunt Season

In this new addition to the Cheltenham Trail portfolio I offer 50 short essays on horses of interest (Eyecatchers) for the new season.

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What Is An Eyecatcher?

There is usually more upside to noting an interesting performance when you believe the majority are more likely to have missed it. My Eyecatchers Service considers horses that may go under the radar for many, some obvious ones, and a few interesting performances from horses I may be keen to oppose on another day. Spotting winning and losing efforts that may be underestimated or overestimated in the future can be key.

Eyecatchers can come in all shapes and sizes and those that have performed in an apparently poor way are as interesting as any; especially when you believe you can understand why they may have disappointed. Equally, I like to consider a few superstars when my analysis suggests that they might not be quite as good and/or reliable as the hype suggests.

I will also commence with my ‘Eyecatcher Service’ from late October. This service will be free until the end of 2023. If you would like to join ‘Free Of Charge’ please email me on:

[email protected]

Andy Gibson