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Breaking News: We have purchased our first horse Elmaftun who will go juvenile hurdling and flat racing under the care of Nigel Hawke.


We have recently teamed up with Susan Corbett to buy this unraced 5-year-old mare Nulli Secundus. She looks well worth the risk for small monies and we intend testing her out in  a bumper in September or October.

The Cheltenham Trail Racing Club launched on 1st June 2022 and the gates will remain open for new members until well into September 2022.

Our aim is to create an immersive ownership experience for a small group of racing enthusiasts. The objective is to acquire 3 or 4 horses that will race frequently and successfully over a two-year period.

At this point if you are interested in becoming a member of the Club, and would like further details, please send an email to Andy Gibson at [email protected] to indicate your interest and he will be in touch.

Our Four Selected Trainers

Micky Hammond

We have historically had a long and strong relationship with Micky which we want to continue. We are one of the premium owners in his yard which comes with its own benefits regarding updates on our horses and race planning. We have also been able to negotiate very favourable deals when it comes to training fees.

Nigel Hawke

We are keen to involve Nigel in the Club. He has great connections with the Jim Bolger yard in Ireland and a proven track record of picking good ex-flat horses from which he produces good juvenile hurdlers which can give the club a realistic chance of selling a horse on for a good profit.

Rebecca Menzies

We are keen to involve Rebecca in the Club. She is another trainer Andy has had a long and strong relationship with and her participation gives the club a truly nationwide coverage. Rebecca has strong connections with a few big yards from which she has often bought horses, particularly from the Paul Nicholls stable.  Hopefully we will benefit from these connections to give the club a stronger chance of being very competitive on the track as well as having better options at the sales.

Susan Corbett

We have recently teamed up with Susan to buy the unraced mare Nulli Secundus.

Key Features of the Club:

  • The Club will run for two years. We hope to continually improve the quality of our better horses during each two-year cycle.
  • Horses will be selected by Andy Gibson and placed with one of our three designated trainers. We reserve the right to add another trainer to our list should the need arise.
  • Club horses will be acquired from various Horses in Training sales, or by private deals via our, and our trainers, network of contacts. We may also lease a horse or two if the right ones became available. We may also buy a well handicapped horse as a shorter-term project during the two years life of the club. The emphasis being on remaining flexible to get the best out of the club experience for our members
  • Only horses that are proven ‘sound’ and ‘ready to run’ will be purchased.
  • Each horse acquired will have a clear and specific objective that meets the Club members best interests.
  • A proportion of the total funds raised will be set aside to cover the running costs for each horse. These are not necessarily training fees, (although they may be) but cover entry fees, jockeys riding fees and insurance normally billed directly to the clubs Weatherbys Bank account by the BHA.
  • This strategy means Club members will pay nothing extra for each horse’s training or running after the initial cost of joining the club.
  • The Club will have runners as frequently as possible, campaigned at a variety of tracks all over the country to give members the chance to maximise days out at the races watching the Club’s runners.
  • We will also ask for badges from time to time for Club members when one of our trainers has a runner outside of the club ownership.
  • The Club will look to pay reduced training fees with each trainer for the horse(s) in his/her care for the full 2-year term of the Club’s lifetime.
  • In return for reduced training costs our trainers will receive a percentage of both net prize money and/or net sell on value pertaining to the horse(s) that are within their care.
  • Training fees for each horse will be assessed individually as it may be in Club members interests to pay part or full training fees, in return for retaining a higher proportion of net prize money and net sell on value.
  • Most syndicates pay training fees which can equate to as much as £30K+ a year. A reduction of some, or all of this, allows us to acquire better quality horses.
  • The strategy clearly aligns our trainer’s motivations with those of the Club members.
  • Our trainers will receive up to 50% of all net prize money (when no training fees paid), and up to 30% of any net sell on value of each horse in their care, depending on the percentage of training fees paid by the Club.
  • Club members will receive a minimum of 40% of all net prize money plus a minimum of 60% of all net sell-on value of each horse. Club members will receive 90% of prize money and 90% of sell on value in any instances where we believe paying full training fees are in the club members best interests.
  • Club Management do not get any regular remuneration but will be entitled to 10% of net prize money and 10% of any net sell on value.
  • Management will receive necessary travel expenses (charged only at cost) e.g., for stable visits.
  • Several potential members have expressed an interest in buying multiple shares which is in everyone’s interest, as the more money we take the more we have to spend on higher grade horses.
  • Shares will be priced at £3,750 for a single share, £7,150 for two, £10,150 for three, £15,150 for five, £25,150 for ten and higher on request.
  • Every share will have the same rights attached.
  • There will be more small print relating to members rights and the governance of the Club that are defined as this process plays out.


Obviously, our plans are fluid at this time, and ultimately, they will be shaped by the final budget we have to work with.



Best Wishes

Andy Gibson


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